Using the Best Nebulizer as Part of an Asthma Action Plan

inhalation mask for nebulizersUsing the best nebulizer device in managing and controlling a child’s asthma is necessary because sometimes unexpected exposure to asthma triggers can lead to a full blown episode of an asthma attack. Asthma in both adults and children is a chronic respiratory disease, usually manifested by a combination of coughing and wheezing. When the small airways in the lungs narrow as a result of inflammation, an asthma sufferer will also experience a tightening of the chest and shortness of breath.

A handheld portable nebulizer is the best respiratory treatment device because it converts liquid medicine into aerosol form that provides quick and effective relief by way of direct inhalation. While avoiding asthma triggers can reduce the occurrence of asthma flare ups, inhaled medication can help control asthma symptoms before they develop into an episode that could go from a mild to severe asthma attack.

Have an Asthma Action Plan to Manage Asthma Attacks in Children

Asthma attacks in children are sometimes difficult to detect instantly since a child might not manifest all of the asthma symptoms. Some parents are wary of over reacting if it appears to be a simple case of colds with residue cough.

Yet the key to stopping asthma attacks is to prevent and control the triggers before a flare up starts. What parents of young asthma patients need to have is an asthma action plan that involves learning to recognize triggers that require preventive asthma medication.

What Exactly is an Asthma Action Plan?

taking asthma medicationAn asthma action plan includes a list of a child’s asthma triggers and a written outline of the medications and dosages to administer for certain symptoms like coughing. wheezing, chest tightening and shortness of breath. Some children have also been noted to complain of stomach pains that could be related to muscle strains caused by incessant coughing.

The child’s pediatrician must help in creating the asthma action plan by prescribing the proper medications based on the symptoms. Being the child’s doctor, he will also include instructions on when to increase or reduce the dosage in easing out the symptoms, whilst providing the child with immediate relief.

Nowadays, the best respiratory treatment device that most doctors recommend to use in managing and keeping a child’s asthma under control is a mesh nebulizer.

What Makes a Mesh Nebulizer the Best Respiratory Treatment Device for Children with Asthma

Unlike other types of nebulizers like jet and ultrasonic that converts liquid medicine into aerosol form, the mesh nebulizers intially transfers the aerosol or mist into a holding chamber. Doing so allows the regulated release of the aerosol medication in accordance with the recommended dosage.

The chamber feature therefore reduces the risks of making a child inhale more than the amount of medicine prescribed by the doctor based on occurring asthma symptoms.